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MML Offshore Ltd are proud to have their headquarters in Aberdeen, the energy capital of Europe. Our A60 accommodation modules and A60 Engineering Modules are designed by a team of in house engineers who are constantly adding advanced features to improve health, safety and efficiency. The offshore accommodation, offshore engineering and offshore workshops we offer are an efficient and economical solution, offering safe and comfortable living  and working environments on board all types of fixed and floating installations. By using offshore modules, we offer clients a more flexible approach for the provision of additional or new accommodation on board oil and gas platforms, semi submersibles, PSV’s, barges, survey ships and other types of vessel. Our A60 accommodation and engineering  modules are more maneuverable and lighter than traditional block structures, allowing them to be lifted by existing platform or vessel cranes.  As a result, installation projects can be undertaken all year round and the need for expensive, ‘heavy lift’ crane barges, which can be hard to source, becomes redundant. 

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A60 Living quarters

Committed to meeting individual requirements, MML Offshore, A60 Accommodation Modules can be utilized as standalone units or can be linked and stacked together to form multi-purpose, multi-level offshore accommodation complexes.  If you require new offshore accommodation we have options for renting, purchasing and lease/purchasing available.

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Our DNV 2.7-1 certified, A60 offshore engineering modules are normally built around our standard 20 ft design and have many uses including offshore workshops, rov cabins, offshore engineering modules, mud logging cabins and any other use you would like us to equip them for.  They can be fabricated to your exact requirements to perform a variety of tasks. When space is at a premium we can outfit our 10 ft design to provide workshops and engineering facilities on a smaller scale with the same capabilty.

a60 Facility modules

These modules compliment our A60 Accommodation modules and are incorporated into plans for larger complexes where required.  They are normally built using our standard 32ft design which allows them to be linked to other modules in the MML Offshore Accommodation range.  Similar modules can be utilized for use onshore. 

land camps

Built around the same design as our offshore modules, our flexible and rugged land camp buildings are suitable for onshore workers camps in remote locations.  Dredging operations, construction projects, wind farms and other forms of renewable energy may benefit from having a base on site and we would be keen to discuss the merits of our accommodation and facility solutions.

DNV 2.7-1 Certified Containers

Our offshore container products are designed and manufactured in accordance with current DNV 2.7-1 standards.  Our range of offshore containers are ideal for storing dry goods, equipment, tools and other items that are used offshore. We offer a selection of open top containers, closed top containers, half height containers, baskets, subsea baskets, mud skips and chemical tanks covering the majority of your offshore CCU requirements.

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